Built in 1904, the spacious adobe building served as the schoolhouse for Fort Davis's children until the 1930s. The irrigation pump house in back of the inn was originally the girls' outhouse. A neighbor recalls helping his father plant the pecan orchard, which is now such a prominent feature, when his family purchased the entire block in the 1930s.

Over the century, the building has gone through several renovations, including the addition and removal of different wings. The most recent renovations have brought the historic structure up to date with completely modern electrical and plumbing systems. But the 22-inch-thick adobe walls, bead board paneling, and ceiling-high windows still convey the traditional beauty and soundness of the original construction.

In addition to being a schoolhouse, the structure has served as an apartment building and as a private home for several different owners. But through all of these various incarnations, it has always been known as The Schoolhouse.